My Gang

         I would like to introduce my friends in my personal webpage because they are part of my life and I like to spend time with friends. I have lot of friends in my life, but now I'm introducing some of them. They are Suresh, Ramesh B, Padma, Gajendra, Seenu, Ashad, Anand, Punith, Yugi, Sravanthi, Shilpa, Deepthi, Ramesh and Prasad are my college friends and Mahesh, Hemadri , Balakrishna(Chitti), Jagadish and Rajendra(Babu) are my family friends.

         Suresh, Ramesh B, Padma, Seenu, Ashad and Punith are the guys whom I met in my MCA class @ SITAMS,Chittoor. This guys are always comes to class late and we named this guys as bad boys, but later I also joined in this bad boys group because that is the way we have to be in college life. Bad boys group is the favorite group in SITAMS 2004-07 MCA batch. To support us we have girls group, those girls are Sravanthi, Shilpa, Deepthi, Jyothi and Rama. Ramesh, Yugi, Deepthi, Shilpa and me are B.Sc class Mets @ Vignana Sudha College and Prasad and Gajendra are my Inter Mets @ Vignana Sudha college. But Except Ramesh and Prasad we all are in same class till our PG.

         Mahesh, Hemadri, Balakrishna(Chitti), Sudhaker(Reddy), Ravi, Jagadish and Babu are my family friends with whom I use to spend lot of time @ my native place. Balakrishna is the guy who taught me how to ride a bike in my child hood. Jaga and Babu and me are Hutch partners, where ever I go they will follow and where ever they go I will follow.